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for the 24-hour surveillance center

◦ We are a 36-year-old Limited Company (since 1986) with 48 staff. Financially sound business with 36 consecutive positive balance sheets.

◦ We have an alarm system signal receiving center with 32 years of experience (since 1990)

◦ We have an image monitoring center for 13 years with modern technologies and special international software for image management. Independent staff shifts to manage the cameras

◦ We have Online Backup Monitoring Center (at a distance of 15km) in case of fire etc. disasters. (Fully equipped. With leased Internet & PRI circuits, UPS, generator etc.)

◦ We work closely with Canada's largest monitoring center "LANVAC" for continuous exchange of know-how in remote camera surveillance of premises

◦ We collaborate with ITE (Technology and Research Foundation) and the University of Crete

◦ We cooperate with ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) based in Crete

◦ We have a very large clientele, who have been trusting us for years.

◦ All 24-hour center staff are licensed by the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

◦ In addition to the shift staff, we have 2 permanent IT specialist positions.

◦ We have International and National Certifications

  • E.K.V.A. (NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL SAFETY REGULATION) by the Ministry of National Defence.
  • PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES I.E.P.Y.A (SECURITY COMPANY) by the Ministry of Citizen Protection

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